Cashmere Lounge offer beautifully soft cashmere loungewear suitable for men and women.
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Welcome to Cashmere Lounge.... Cashmere is a wonderful natural yarn . Beautifully soft, luxurious and timeless. We specialise in cashmere loungewear, a pleasure to wear. From slippers to cardigowns you can be wrapped head to toe in 100% pure cashmere hand selected for quality comfort and warmth. All items are gift wrapped and can be sent anywhere in the world. Add a personal message with your gift please email us details.

Cashmere (the name) comes from the Kashmiri goats of the Himalayas and the cashmere wool is sourced from the soft undercoat that grows from summer to winter and the long guard hair of the goat protects the undercoat and this is removed in the spring by shearing and combing to to remove the fine down - dehairing. After dehairing 'cashmere' is ready to be dyed and made into yarn, fabric and clothing garments. The down from one goat can produce around three to eight ounces of cashmere and a single ply jumper requires the down from three goats. Mongolia has a perfect climate for herding cashmere goats as they love the harsh dry mountainous climates therefore produce the highest quality cashmere hair.

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